Friday February 23 , 2018

iClone 6 Showcase & Demoreel using old and new projects to test the new engine.


iClone 3.0 Needs Good Video Hardware

Like any major upgrade... particularly in the 3D application world... iClone 3.0 will require some good hardware in terms of the video card and system RAM. This is not to say it won't run with your current system specs.



With the major improvements in 3.0 such as lighting, better rendering, larger 3D work area for huge scenes or sets and all the other upgraded additions you will need a robust system to take advantage of them all.  One user stated they had a major increase in stability with 4 GB RAM versus 2 GB RAM. After the increase in RAM verson 3 ran smoother with less problems.

Older video cards will have some trouble with version 3.0. On an older AMD64 workstation I have at my office the old nVidia 6600 video card struggles to display the water but does display it  where as the newer nVidia 8800GT has no problems with the new features.

Below is a general guideline (provided by Peter Edwards at Reallusion) on video card requirements for Version 3.0:

  • NVidia GeForce Series 6+ i.e 6000/7000/8000/9000 series range
  • ATI X2xxx+
  • Intel X3 
  • SiS chipsets are not supported

Video Card Benchmarks

Mobile Graphics Cards

My nVidia 8800 GT benchmarks at 6203 and has no problem with any of the version 3.0 features on my system. No benchmark available for my older 6600 but the 6800 Ultra benchmarked at 1333 and my 6600 did display the water but struggled with it... sometimes not displaying it at all in the desktop interface. Usually minimizing and restoring the window solved this problem so while a 6000+ series is recommended... a 7000+ series will probably work much better.

According to Peter notebook versions of graphics cards normally underperform when compared to their desktop counterparts. I am by no means an expert on video cards but I am providing this information as a starting point to your hardware questions. Below are links to some cards and I am not endorsing any particular vendor or reseller even though I've bought a lot of hardware from TigerDirect over the years with very little or no trouble.

Check out your hardware with Belarc Advisor

Comparison Chart

While there are some bargains to be had... be sure to match the slot in you pc and try to keep the RAM at 512MB or more... any less I wouldn't recommend but doesn't mean it won't work.

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