Friday February 23 , 2018

iClone 6 Showcase & Demoreel using old and new projects to test the new engine.


New Improved GUI

One of iClone 3.0's most anticipated new features has been the totally redesigned Graphical User Interface (GUI). The new GUI breaks new ground in bringing more controls to your fingertips and enhances the use of precious screen real estate to provide a completely new user experience.

The GUI is more like what you would expect in a 3D filmmaking application than previous versions of the product. While different... the GUI is intuitive and easy to adapt to. I will be the first to say that I was somewhat nervous about learning a new interface until I actually got to use 3.0 and I adapted to it very quickly.

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The new GUI has sliding panels that open and close on both sides to give you fast and easy access to the content and new scene manager. The working area for the video expands and contracts as you open and close the side panels. Information also closes or opens within the side panels. You can close the content manager to expand the scene manager.

The SCENE MANAGER is another great new innovation from the folks at Reallusion. This allows for instant access to the the particular prop, character, particle and other scene assests you are working with. You can turn them on and off to work on items behind them.

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Another great innovation is the IMPROVED TIMELINE with its many powerful features. Just press a button and you'll find mulitple timelines for each object such as move, perform, look at , visible and other great features.

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These are just a few of the new and improved features of the redesigned 3.0 filmmaking tool and this doesn't even include discussion of the new EDITOR and DIRECTOR modes which will be covered in another article.

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