Friday February 23 , 2018

iClone 6 Showcase & Demoreel using old and new projects to test the new engine.


GameSalad & iClone Test

The game below is a testbed of different type of game levels using iClone generated backgrounds and actors. Even though the game is complete and multi-level, the game experience is minimum and takes only a few minutes to play. This was a proof of concept demo for a client that wants to actively distribute games as part of their marketing strategy while keeping the game development budget to a decent level.

This test game was created for HTML5 distribution in this case but future games will be tested on other devices and smartphones.

Gamesalad is an extremely easy to use rapid game development tool that has been around in Mac circles for a longtime just recently having a Windows version released. The dragndrop layout is very easy to follow but a word of warning here. You still have to be able to think in terms of game logic such as changing attributes, storing data and generally what to do next. The windows version did crash several times so saving often was the order of the day.

This program doesn't hold your hand and it does have basic templates to get you started but you will need to know how to logically progress from one scene to another and how to work with timer, actor and other attributes. I do have past experience as a C++ programmer in the days when Borland tools ruled the application development world so that was a plus in getting a basic game system up and running quickly.

This game was created from a blank project utilizing Gamesalad tutorials such as setting a timer or a "lives system". No its not dragndrop for that. You have to set an attribute, track the attribute, do the math depending on your game model and so forth. The dragndrop interface takes care of the housekeeping of the coding but you have to make sure its in the proper order using a method that is not resource intensive such as checking too many attributes continuously.

Example of Splash/Instruction Screen with Limited Palette

That said... it's not as hard as it sounds so its certainly worth downloading the free LITE version and having a go at it if you ever thought of developing games. You can also buy and sell templates, artwork and other assets.

While the above game could use better gameplay dynamics and many more levels it demonstrates that iClone graphics can be used at least for HTML5 game publishing and quite possibly on other devices and smartphones. There are best practices to learn such as keeping graphics divisible by 2 like 64X64 or 64X32. PNG format is required as it will convert your raster images so do that yourself in photoshop first as it will does a better job with less file size. Gamesalad produces a much larger file when it converts the images.

All in all this demo/test was a lot of fun and looks like it will lead to development of the first game for the client as we have received permission to start laying out the game itself in the previz phase. Now I have the basic game level mechanics down I need to concentrate on making a good gaming experience next.  Very exciting times and glad to be doing something different once again! 


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