Friday February 23 , 2018

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iClone 6 Showcase & Demoreel using old and new projects to test the new engine.


Creating your Own Dogfight

I am extremely happy to see the reaction to Air Duel, my iClone5 demo, which has been met with positive comments and some questions. Do to time constraints I cannot give a full tutorial but I can tell you:

  • How it was made in general.
  • Scene Setup
  • Toon Render and Post Effect Settings
  • Animating with paths.
  • Using the stock destructible prop for debris.
  • Summary of the MoCap and clean up.

So let's start with the some general information about the production which you will discover contains only one slightly complex timing scene and the rest is up to iClone or the fantastic props of the World War II Packs. Those props are of course a vital part to this production but any airplanes that can be converted to iClone via 3DXchange or other methods will work. If you want to take the quick and easy route you can make a propeller out of a thin cylinder with the right opacity then animate with the Prop Puppet feature, even a clear flat static cylinder is better than a frozen prop.


Ode to the Visual

This piece is based on a rant by famous director Peter Greenaway at a machinima festival in 2010. Not only did Mr. Greenaway proceed to declare the narrative dead but also went on about how "visual" is everything even if very few viewers understand it. 

So... this animator took Mr. Greenaway's advice to heart, enlisted the help of Anim8torCathy to voice the lines and using iClone 5 and it's new toon shader the project was complete in a couple of days plus another few hours of credis work and final edit. 

There is very little key frame (manual) animation in this short. It demonstrates the power of the new animation tools that come with iClone 5 when combined with existing tools like paths for smooth movement.

I also attempted to recreate some of the look of the old 1960s/1970s vivid color underground comics. The base character of Gorf, another iClone 5 new addition) was used with customization in the avatar proportions and shaping the head with the details dialog. You an get a lot of different characters out of this critter. Work on the skin to change texture or color of the character. 


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