Friday November 21 , 2014

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A demo of using iClone for PreViz. Taken from Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Practical Physics #4 - Particle Explosions

 Particle Explosions with Debris - Using Stock Particles and Props


Practical Physics #3 - Explosion

 Creating, controlling and enhancing and Explosion with no Bomb


Quick Reveals #2

 Another quick look behind the scenes.


Practical Physics #1

 This series will run through practical uses of physics in iClone animation.


Motion & Keyframes #1

 Two methods on how to remove unwanted motion from a stock or canned motion.


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Team WarTechnica
48 Hour Filmmaker: Machinima 2010

2010 - SB 1070

  • Best Editing
  • Best Special Effects 

2011 - Faery Dust 

  • Best Picture Runner Up
  • Best Director (Tie)
  • Best Sound Design
  • Best Voice Acting

Team WarTechnica
48 Hour Filmmaker: Machinima 2011